Lincolnshire Wolds
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in UK

Bag Enderby

Bridle Path to BrinkhillBag Enderby village stands between Harrington and Somersby. It stands at a cross roads with a bridleway. The green lane in the picture travels through to Brinkhill although walkers can turn off to the left just before Brinkhill along a beck side before climbing over cloven to Harden's Gap.

If you go into the village and past the church there are two bridleways. One goes off to the right and travels to Stainsby and Ashby Puerorum; the other a bit further on the other side of the church leads to Hagwothingham.

Have a look at the Church

Bag Enderby is famous for being looked after by Rev. George Clayton Tennyson, the father of Lord Alfred Tennyson. The Church is built of local Greenstone and has stood here since 1407. Money from the estate of Albinus de Enderby financed the project. Things to look for are: the octagonal font, the windows containing fragments of medieval glass and the boss of Danish shield nailed to the main door.